2023 Private and Semi-Private Coaching



General Information

Private and Semi-Private Coaching provides a one-on-one opportunity to work with a PGA of Canada Teaching Professional on all areas of the game. Each program is customizable for the student(s) to meet their individual needs and/or schedule. As with all Academy offerings, Coaching is available to Members and non-Members from Saturday, April 15th until Sunday, October 22nd, 2023.



Applicable Fees and Options


Coaching Programs

Scott Bell, Meg Chapman & G.W King
PGA of Canada Class "A"
Teaching Professionals

Marcus Roth
PGA of Canda
Teaching Professional

1 - Hour $125.00 + hst $110.00 + hst
6 - Hours $700.00 + hst $610.00 + hst
10 - Hours $1,125.00 + hst $990.00 + hst

 Semi-Private Coaching is limited to a Student to Coach ratio of 3:1.
Each additional student is subject to 50% of a listed coaching fee(s).

Non-Members taking on-course lesson(s) are subject to applicable green fees.

Students 18 years of age or younger may deduct 25% off the listed fees.



Coaching Program Details

1-Hour - Will introduce key concepts that allow for lasting improvement. It will be tailored to the area of focus requested, be it full shots, the short game or putting.

6-Hours - Will not only introduce the key concepts that allow for lasting improvement, but also offer an opporunity to develop and put them in to practice on course. Multiple areas of the game can be addressed during this time, including full shots, the short game, putting, and course management.

10-Hours - Will receive the benefit of being with a coach on a frequent basis with practice time in between. Frequency is essential for those looking for lasting improvement and allow for a more in-depth experience.




To register for a Private and/or Semi-Private Coaching Program, please email The Academy at [email protected] or by emailing the Teaching Professional directly:

G.W. King, Head Teaching Professional - [email protected]
Scott Bell, PGA of Canada  Class "A" Teaching Professional - [email protected]
Meg Chapman, PGA of Canada Class "A" Teaching Professional - [email protected]
Marcus Roth, PGA of Canada Teaching Professional - [email protected]