We are pleased to welcome guests of Members to the Club, for golf and for special events. As a courtesy to all Club Members and your fellow golfers, we respectfully request all guests to be aware of, and abide by, the Club’s policies and procedures. By ensuring all guests are aware of the Club’s policies and procedures, we can ensure an enjoyable day for all.

Golfing Ability and Pace of Play

Golfers of all abilities are invited to play The Georgian Bay Club, recognizing we are a challenging golf course that can at times be difficult for some novice golfers. Members are asked to ensure all guests understand and have an appreciation for the etiquette, traditions, and basic rules associated with the great game of golf, and are aware of the pace of play expectations on the course. The Georgian Bay Club may be played by golfers of all abilities in 4 hours and 20 minutes or less.

Check-in/Bag Drop Area

We ask all guests to check in at least one hour prior to their tee time. The Bag Drop area is located at the far end of the roundabout in front of the Clubhouse. We ask all visiting golfers to please drop their golf clubs at the Bag Drop area before proceeding back to the parking lot. There will be an attendant servicing guests at the Bag Drop area who can assist with directions to the locker rooms, Golf Shop, dining facilities, etc.


The Georgian Bay Club is a soft spike ONLY facility. Soft spike shoes may be worn in all areas of the Clubhouse. Metal spikes are not permitted anywhere on Club property. Golf sandals with the appropriate spikes may be worn.

In an effort to prevent the spread of Poa and keep our course in excellent condition, we ask our Members to designate golf shoes for use only at The Georgian Bay Club. We ask all guests to thoroughly clean their golf shoes prior to play by using the brushes we supply, or allowing sufficient time for our locker room team to thoroughly clean their golf shoes.

Practice Facilities

The Club features a double ended Practice Range with over two acres of tee decks and six target greens. Our Short Game Area (adjacent to the Practice Range and Golf Academy) features a 4,200 square-foot practice green, a course characteristic practice bunker and chipping and pitching areas, all designed to prepare players for the actual course experience. A separate 5,000 square-foot putting green is located adjacent to the Practice Range. In addition, there is a 7,000 square-foot putting green overlooking the eighteenth fairway and magnificent Georgian Bay, adjacent to the Golf Shop by the first tee. We ask all Members and guests to please register in the Golf Shop before using the Club’s practice facilities, to confirm their arrival and tee time, and to ensure we may serve them properly throughout the day.

Wireless Communication Devices

The Club recognizes that wireless communication devices (WCD’s) are very much a part of everyone’s lives. We also recognize the importance of Members and guests being able to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings the Club offers. While on Club property, please ensure all WCD’s are switched to vibrate or silent mode only. Email and text messaging functions may be used anywhere on Club property, other than in the main dining room of the Clubhouse.

Cellular phone use on Club property is permitted in the locker rooms, the telephone ante room in the lobby of the Clubhouse, outside of the Clubhouse clearly away from all Members and guests, and the parking lot areas. Phones that are turned on must be on vibrate ringer only and please set incoming phone calls to go directly to voice mail. At all times cellular phone use or equivalent shall not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other Members and their guests on the golf course, at the practice facilities, and at the Clubhouse.

Club Style Code

The way we dress reflects directly on the image of The Georgian Bay Club. We recognize and appreciate the great game of golf is steeped in tradition, and we wish to honour that by our dress or ‘style’ guidelines and code.

The Golf Shop and PGA and LPGA tours tend to reflect what is deemed appropriate golf attire. Current styles and trends lean more towards fashion and comfort. As a guideline for men, golf or dress slacks, Bermuda length shorts, mock neck shirts, golf shirts and tailored shirts are welcome; for ladies, golf skorts or shorts, dress shorts or slacks, golf shirts, blouses and golf skirts and Capri pants are acceptable. Cargo pants/shorts, spandex and other tight fitting garments such as bicycle wear do not meet our style code. Cargo pants/shorts with exterior pockets do not meet our style code.

In honour of our relaxed atmosphere, properly tailored and fitting jean pants are allowed in the Clubhouse, but never on the golf course or practice facilities, including the driving range, short game area, and practice greens.

Members are asked to inform their guests of our Club’s Style Code to avoid any possible embarrassment. The Club’s Style Code also applies to any children.

Gentlemen are asked to remove hats while seated in the indoor dining areas of the Clubhouse, except for the Founders Lounge. Please ask the Golf Shop staff for more information if you are unsure of what is acceptable. Thank you.

The Golf Shop
519.599.9949 ext 232.